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    • Top 10 -Solo borbe

      NoUniPrefiksSudionici borbeštetaLink
      1HydraNaprednih 20%RoTT [CaF] vs. Silver [NoobR] 32.907.393.000Link
      2FornaxNaprednih 20%vujca [MofSVil] vs. gigixx [BAD_CO]24.384.437.000Link
      3HydraNaprednih 20%RoTT [CaF] vs. r4z0r [MofSVil_1]17.860.773.000Link
      4HydraNaprednih 20%RoTT [CaF] vs. Rudar15.363.995.000Link
      5Uni 1Naprednih 20%Black Crow [STG] vs. TWD [kfnb]14.371.111.000Link
      6AndromedaNaprednih 20%RoTT [CaF] vs. naduvan [OaC]14.086.516.000/
      7Uni 1Naprednih 20%Rimmer [STG] vs. bl00mpr0 [UBF]12.784.299.000Link
      8FornaxNaprednih 20%GaZe [Insomnia] vs. r4z0r [MofSVil]11.880.152.000Link
      9FornaxNaprednih 20%GaZe [Insomnia] vs. Pretty Boy [MofSVil]11.598.926.000Link
      10FornaxNaprednih 20%Rix [MofSVil] vs CyBorG [BORG]11.193.545.000Link

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    • Top 10 - ACS borbe

      NoUniPrefiksSudionici borbeštetaLink
      vs.Nights_Watch [Elite]
      2HydraACStiki, Plivac, GAMBLER [NoobR], Stormbringer [NoS]
      vs. Kaligula [CaF]
      3HydraOsvetaNights_Watch, LordSnow, MrSmith, Freerider [Elite] & RoTT [CaF]
      vs. Rix [Error]
      4HydraACSPlivac [NoobR], 2GD [WDGAF], tiki,
      Stormbringer [NoS]
      vs. MrSmith [Elite]
      5HydraNinjaMrSmith [Elite] vs. KuleR [BORG] & GAMBLER [NoobR]42.607.727.500List
      6FornaxACSvujca [MofSVil] & Rix [MofSVil] vs. Lord Siljo [F A]35.755.292.000Link
      7FornaxNinja1 [ESA], 2 [NoobR], 1 [H-Z], 1[BAD_CO]

      vs. 4 [SNI], 1 [WDGAF],
      8Uni 5ACSRoTT, Kaligula, Petar Vlahov[CaF],carobni strumf [EuPM],
      vs Abu-ilah [HoP]
      9IOACSSARGON, Oreo i Sjajne Niti, japi [SLOTS],
      Stormbringer (/) vs. Rix [D-land]
      10HydraACS2GD [WDGAF] & tiki [/] vs. nomad [DBR]19.467.888.000Link

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