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  • glosonlove -

    Nice to meet you,
    my name is GLORY, I saw your profile and I picked interest to contact you. I've something very important which I would love to share with you therefore, I would appreciate if you respond back to me through this E-mail{ [email]glorysonko@yahoo.com[/email] }, & I'll write you back with my full details with more picture's. I am wait for your response thanks, Truly yours


  • vanhelsing -

    TRITON je bolji

  • KORG -

    [color=#00ffff][font='Comic Sans MS, sans-serif']nemam pojma :D [/font][/color]

  • thedope -

    napravija san acc i kad se logiran,ude mi u igru i kad pritisnen par puta nesto samo me vrati nazad na login i onda ne mogu dalje uc u igru opce, upisen ime i sifru i stisnen enter i on krene pa me vrati nazad,uopce nece ude u igru,el to bug il ?